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2420 Mosside Blvd.
Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: 412.858.1382
Fax: 412.858.1411
Chorus Call, Inc. is a world-class teleconferencing service provider with headquarters in Pennsylvania and satellite offices throughout Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, India, and South Africa. Serving a growing roster of customers for over twenty years, Chorus Call is a pioneer of high quality, high-touch Investor Relations conferencing.

Chorus Call provides customers a full suite of standard and value-added offerings, including assisted and unassisted audio conferencing services, video conferencing, web conferencing, media streaming, and event management services. In addition, Chorus Call offers advanced tools specifically designed to manage IR conferences and enhance the experience of the participants.

Across the globe, Chorus Call is trusted for its consistent delivery of professional and customized solutions. Offices are staffed by real people who speak the local language and understand the culture of their respective countries. Chorus Call's exceptional customer retention rate is the greatest testament to its quality of service.