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711 W. 13 Mile Road, Suite 900
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 248-654-3056
Fax: 248-583-4880
The National Association of Investors Corporation/BetterInvesting is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States bringing IR professionals together with retail investors. Since 1951 we have provided commonsense tools, resources and education to more than 5 million people to help them become successful long-term investors. Through our current programs, tools and the monthly BetterInvesting Magazine, we reach more than 120,000 active investors. Becoming a valued corporate partner with BetterInvesting can help provide publicly traded companies access to our savvy and engaged audience. Their awareness and support of publicly traded companies can improve stability, promote liquidity and provoke upside pressure to a company's stock price. As a BetterInvesting corporate partner, we offer a variety of ways for publicly traded companies to increase their exposure to our retail investors.