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IR magazine, together with its associated digital activities, face-to-face events and research output, brings news, analysis, updates, comment and in-depth features on the latest IR trends and practices to investor relations professionals around the world.

IR magazine, available both in digital and hard copy form, is the only global publication focused on the interface between companies and their investors. Inside Investor Relations ( is the magazine's companion website, which has daily news updates relevant to IR professionals, past articles from the magazine and a mass of other information, including our research. Our twice-weekly e-newsletters provide the latest updates to more than 10,000 IR professionals worldwide.

The magazine's annual program of events covers the US, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil. Our region-specific awards have been the definitive hallmark of IR excellence and best practice for over 20 years now, while our think tanks offer a unique opportunity for high-level executives to share ideas with their peers and with our expert panels. IR magazine also hosts conferences and webinars as part of our commitment to providing ongoing education to the IR community.

IR Insight is the publication's research arm, which investigates issues relevant to IR by surveying both the investment and the IRO communities. IR Insight publishes an annual series of independent investor perception studies and in-depth research reports designed to provide IR professionals with the intelligence they need to excel in their jobs.