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24 Lock Keepers
London SE167PW
Tel: +44 7785 276703
International Capital Connections Ltd. is a London-based investor communications firm. It is part of Asia Century Capital, a group which includes, a provider of independent research on global issuers, which evolved from PSQ Analytics, a research service built for the London Stock Exchange.

Capital Connections is an investor communications/corporate access platform, using broadcast-quality virtual access to supplement or replace conventional road show activities within investor outreach campaigns. It cuts down on the cost and time, and carbon footprint, of these international activities. It extends the reach of investor relations campaigns significantly, to targeted audiences including Bloomberg Professional Terminal subscribers.

At NIRI 2012, Capital Connections will showcase for the first time in N. America its newly launched Camerasaurus™ Studiobot™, the world's first compact, broadcast quality robotically controlled studio allowing audiences globally to participate in calendar or spontaneous company presentations, fully interactively from PC or Ipad, while the company protects its brand values and promotes effective message delivery.