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880 Third Ave Fl 6
New York, NY 10022-4730
Phone: 212-682-6300
Fax: 212-697-0910
TheIRApp™ ( is a turnkey mobile app available to all publicly traded companies and is available for download on Apple's App Store on the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. TheIRApp™ is a simple way for investors to keep abreast of critical company and stock information. It's the next generation way of establishing transparency, building shareholder loyalty and expanding an investor following given the viral nature of apps and the ease of sharing them with colleagues and friends.

By simply providing its ticker symbol and the company's logo, a public company, in less than three weeks, can have its own customized app available for download by millions of investors. Through TheIRApp™, retail and institutional investors have access to automated, real-time stock price information (via live data feeds), press releases, SEC filings, analyst coverage, corporate documents (fact sheets, presentations, etc.), videos, audiocast conference calls, upcoming events and company contact information.