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1661 E. Camelback Road
Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 602-222-6380
Fax: 602-222-6383
NetWorth Services, Inc. is a financial web application and SaaS software company, headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, with offices in Philadelphia, PA and New York City. NetWorth Services, Inc is the parent company to four subsidiary companies: NetWorth Publications, eShareholder Services, LLC, eShareholder Insurance, and eShareholder Exchequer.

In response to the increased demand for an accurate and efficient automated cost basis calculation solution, NetWorth developed its innovative flagship product, Netbasis in 1997. The first of its kind, the complex calculations and rich data was unparalleled in the marketplace. As a pioneer in the cost basis market, NetWorth Services was first to market with several of the features and operations currently offered by other cost basis vendors today.

Over the years, NetWorth Services has formed key strategic relationships, which have provided valuable insight and positioning within the industry. Our relationship with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began in 2000, and ultimately NetWorth was used as a vendor to verify cost basis information for their 2001 NRP Random Audit Study, where Netbasis identified over 11 Billion in under-reported capital gains taxes, which was reported in the 2005 National Tax Gap Report. The results of that study became an integral part in spearheading the current Cost Basis Legislation. We have also formed important partnerships and strategic alliances with several large entities within the financial services industry.

The products and services offered by NetWorth Services have also evolved. Beginning with the release of Netbasis, the company has consistently released various products and services that provide solutions to the marketplace through SaaS delivery models.