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30 Broad Street, Ste 2201
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 646-402-2500
ir2020, a division of the Toronto Stock Exchange, offers a unique and powerful institutional ownership product, giving investor relations teams deeper insight and improved productivity for their institutional shareholder relationship management.

TMX Group is a cornerstone of the Canadian financial system and is at the center of Canada's equity capital market. TMX Group owns and operates Canada's two national stock exchanges - Toronto Stock Exchange serving the senior equity market, and TSX Venture Exchange serving the public venture equity market - as well as NGX, a leading North American exchange for the trading and clearing of natural gas and electricity contracts. From its preeminent domestic base, TMX Group's reach continues to extend internationally, through TSX Markets and TSX Datalinx which provide the trading and data to the global financial community who access Canada's equity capital market.