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2075 S. University Blvd., Unit D
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303-377-2222
Fax: 303-547-3383
ModernIR pioneered behavior-based trading analytics for investor relations. Today's trading markets are complex. With context, your trading activity can tell you a great deal about what investors think, where you should focus your IR efforts, and what's likely to happen to your stock price next.

ModernIR's Equity AnalysisTM can help you separate the signal from the noise and use market structure to your advantage.

- Discover which market behavior changed price or volume

- Know where active investors price your stock, what we call Rational PriceTM.

- Set realistic management expectations about future price performance.

- Learn ways to work around market "noise" to enhance returns and resonance from strategic corporate marketing.

- Focus your targeting efforts based on current market structure elements.

- Measure IR success by sorting trading from substantive responses to outreach.

Find out what you don't know about your trading. Contact us to schedule a demo of Equity Analysis.

ModernIR brings today's complex trading markets into focus.

Contact: Tim Quast, President –