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Ariel Finno
Director, Research
National Investor Relations Institute
Ariel Finno is director of research at the National Investor Relations Institute. She is a recent addition to the NIRI team, joining staff in November 2011.

Prior to her tenure as director of research, Ariel worked at the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Associations as a quantitative and political analyst. She brings over ten years of research, data collection, survey methodology, and analysis and dissemination experience in a variety of institutional, association and public sector organizations. Her work experience includes all facets of both qualitative and quantitative survey research, cognitive interviewing, and acting as ambassador for research methods grounded in sound techniques within organizations of varying size and constituents. In the past she has collaborated with the American Psychological Association, and the Medical College of Georgia.

Areas of study have included clinical mental disorders, profiling the workforce of various social science fields, and the current state of the labor movement in both the U.S. and abroad. Ariel has presented data findings through invited lectures and various publications across North America.

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