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Monday, June 4, 2012    |   2:45 pm-4:00 pm

Session Material
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Raising Capital: Outlook and Innovation*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 6A (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Capital Markets | Secondary Category: Regulations and Governance

For companies looking to raise capital, there's never been a better or worse time in the market. This session examines the outlook for raising debt and equity with a focus on the specific needs of emerging companies.

According to the recommendations published recently by the IPO Task Force, the number of successful IPOs from emerging companies has plummeted over the past 15 years. As a result, access to capital, and ultimately corporate growth, has been hindered.

At the same time, we've entered a period of innovation -- companies now have more options than ever to access the equity capital markets. This session will cover these developments, ranging from IPO alternatives to new offering structures to electronic capital markets platforms.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Theresa Molloy, Consultant
National Investor Relations Institute

Amrit Agrawal, Managing Director, Head of TMT Capital Markets
Cowen and Company

Ted Hatfield, Co-CEO
Solebury Capital

Rob Malin, Head of Equity Capital Markets
Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.
    Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about innovations in the capital markets that provide new options to companies looking to raise equity capital in this environment
  • Understand the environment for companies looking to raise capital and anticipate likely issues for companies with debt in their capital structure, such as buybacks and paying down debt
  • Understand industry insights on how to restore effective access to capital for emerging companies, including public capital through the IPO market.
  • Learn four specific and actionable recommendations for policymakers to foster U.S. job creation by restoring effective access to capital for emerging growth companies.
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

Why Now?
Given today's low valuations, improving markets and significant cash on balance sheets, the M&A market is regaining momentum in 2012. This session will ensure IR practitioners are "communications ready" by helping them to plan strategically and execute effectively across a variety of M&A situations. The panel includes experienced professionals across a variety of M&A situations including hostile takeovers, corporate spinouts, going private and multibillion dollar transactions.
Actionable Takeaway Documents
  • Top 10 Do's and Don'ts in M&A Communications

Session Material
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Communicating the Deal: How IR Can Drive Success*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 6B (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Communications

After a choppy 2011, confidence is returning to deal markets in 2012, with mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and divestitures on the upswing. Improving stock and credit markets, ample liquidity and cash-rich corporate balance sheets signal that all signs are positive. However, ineffective communications can derail a successful deal or tank a company's stock value.

Our seasoned panel of practitioners have navigated a diverse range of M&A situations -- from spinoffs and divestitures to hostile takeovers and multiples types of strategic purchases. They will cover the critical aspects of M&A communications -- including the merits of deal communication, management of different constituencies, consistent messaging across audiences, preparation for proxy votes, timelines, and much more. Drawing from their deep experience, our panelists will share practical advice, war stories and insights that can help you maintain the enterprise value of your company's transactions throughout the process.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Jim Buckley, Executive Vice President & Partner
Sharon Merrill Associates

John Chevalier, Director, Global Investor Relations
The Procter & Gamble Company

Andrew Kramer, Senior Director of Investor Relations & Corporate Development
Interactive Data Corporation

Brian McPeak, Vice President, External Affairs
Owens Corning

Kristy Nicholas, Director, Investor Relations
Expedia, Inc.
    Learning Objectives:
  • How to articulate the benefits of a pending or completed deal to a variety of audiences, including skeptical shareholders
  • How to adjust the communications strategy in specialized situations such as hostile takeovers, spinoffs, pressure from large shareholders or going private
  • How to communicate the merits of a merger prior to a shareholder proxy vote
* Draft description as of 7/3 1:32 pm, subject to change

Why Now?
Competition for capital has never been so intense. After the decline in IPOs worldwide between 2008 and 2009, the number of listed companies started to rise again in 2010, primarily fueled by Asia-Pacific. At the same time, the asset management industry has gained traction in emerging countries, boosted by higher valuations, financial deregulation and brighter economic prospects. IROs more than ever need to take these changing conditions into consideration, before building a roadshow program that will be time and cost effective as well as driven by a good return on investment.
Actionable Takeaway Documents
  • Check lists for roadshows in Asia, Latin America and The Middle East
  • Top 10 recommendations for a successful roadshow by companies in emerging market

Session Material
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North Meets South, East Meets West: The New Paradigm for Road Shows*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 6C (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Global IR | Secondary Category: IR Marketing/Outreach

New equity markets are emerging in Latin America, Asia, The Middle East, Europe and Africa, creating new opportunities, but also challenges for Investor Relations Officers eager to broaden their shareholder base and exposure to international investors.

In this environment, the successful companies will recognize the need to adjust their programs to the cultural differences between the various pools of investors they are targeting. With roadshows remaining a strong feature of any international investor relations program, it may be time to look beyond the obvious target cities and start looking at entering new territories.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Greg Secord, Vice President, Investor Relations

Beate Melten, Director, Investor Relations Counsel

Mark Pellegrino, Executive Director and Head of Corporate Access

David Smith, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Investor Relations
Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited

Justin Vieira, Director, Corporate Analytics
    Learning Objectives:
  • Find out what it takes for IROs from emerging countries to get and stay on the radar screen of fund managers in developed capital markets
  • Understand whether buy-siders in Latin America, Asia and The Middle East are worth your time and effort
  • Know how to exploit the opportunities in the top 2 or 3 cities in established equity markets
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

Why Now?
The new regulatory regime under Dodd-Frank (e.g. Say on Pay) has forced IR professionals to have an understanding of governance matters in order to communicate with investors and gain support for say on pay votes, director elections, and other issues on the proxy ballot. A proactive approach by the IRO is the best way for shareholders to understand the company issues. Today's corporate governance environment calls for much more than just a passing vote, as activists will target companies that fail to gain significant support from shareholders.
Actionable Takeaway Documents
  • Timeline for entering shareholder dialogues
  • List of governance contacts at large institutional investors

Session Material
Attendee access, log-in required
Engage Investors on Corporate Governance Matters to Win the Proxy Vote*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 6D (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Regulations and Governance | Secondary Category: IR Marketing/Outreach

Engagement on corporate governance matters from Investor Relations is critical and no longer just the responsibility of the corporate secretary. There are new demands and skill sets for IR professionals that must be mastered in the changing governance environment. This panel will provide an overview and discussion of these skills and best practices from a tactical and strategic approach to win support from your shareholders.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Connie K Weaver, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Stephen Brown, Director, Corporate Governance & Associate General Counsel

Daniel H Burch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
MacKenzie Partners

David Dragics, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
CACI International

John A. Seethoff, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
Microsoft Corporation
    Learning Objectives:
  • Learn to communicate better with investors on key governance issues
  • Learn to understand the new demands shareholders have placed on IR professionals regarding governance issues
  • Learn how to increase support on proxies
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

Session Material
Attendee access, log-in required
Developing and Socializing a Competitive Career Brand*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 611-614 (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Career Management

The first half of this session will be led by a world renowned career advisor and executive recruiter and is designed as an interactive discussion about the realities of an IR career for the future; how the global capital markets have rapidly influenced management's perspective about the IRO role and the most effective career experiences required to be a confidant/advisor to the C-suite; and the risks associated with not socializing your career brand with the right executives.

The second half of the session will take the format of a fireside chat with two leading IROs to discuss best practices and strategies.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Smooch Reynolds, Leader, Investor Relations & Communications Practice
Caldwell Partners

Felise Glantz Kissell, Vice President, Investor Relations
HSN, Inc.

Lynn Antipas Tyson, Consultant
Tyson Strategic Communications Consulting
    Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to design your career brand playbook
  • Define the top characteristics to get the C-suite invitation to the inner sanctum
  • Observe management's behavior -- career advantages of learning through observing others' behavior
  • Social media -- how to frame your brand vis-à-vis the newest positioning vehicle in the market
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

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