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Why Now?
The buy-side is over-leveraged and often complains of time constraints. Companies are in competition with both industry peers as well as the entire stock universe for investment dollars. How do you effectively position your company with the buy-side and sell-side? What is strategic versus tactical? How can you, the IRO, differentiate your company as an investment and drive long-term shareholder value? How do you best maximize your time? As the IR role becomes increasingly more strategic, learn what it takes to effectively communicate your company's story and value proposition in a way that resonates with the buy-side and sell-side.
Actionable Takeaway Documents
  • IR Best Practices Check List
  • Benchmark Statistics

Session Material
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Developing a Strategic Approach to IR*
Mon - Jun, 4 | 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: 6A (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Organizational Development | Secondary Category: Communications

This session will cover IR best practices on topics pertaining to effectively positioning and differentiating your company as an investment.

Discussion topics will include, but are not limited to engaging the buy-side, targeting, the importance of the sell-side, communication platforms (e.g., analyst days, conferences, earnings calls/press releases, non-deal roadshows, websites), guidance practices, and technology.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Andrew Backman, CEO

Mary Jensen, Director of Treasury, Risk & Investor Relations
International Market Centers

Christiane Pelz, Vice President, Investor Relations
Safeway Inc.

Julie Tracy, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
Wright Medical Group, Inc.
    Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize the importance of strategy, not just tactics, in the IR role
  • Understand the key elements of effectively positioning your company with the financial community, including how to overcome the challenges of capturing and maintaining investor mindshare
  • Walk away with knowledge of how to position yourself with management and assist in driving long-term shareholder value creation
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

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