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Buy-Side Insight: Getting on the Radar Screen*
Tue - Jun, 5 | 1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: 6A (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Investment Process | Secondary Category: Conference Workshop

What makes a buy-side investor decide to buy, sell, or short your stock? The answer may not be as obvious as you think. Institutional investors consider a wide range of factors when making investment decisions including portfolio balance, trading costs, and internal risk benchmarks. Panelists from a group of leading buy-side firms representing a cross section of disciplines will offer insight regarding how and why they select certain stocks.

To learn more about how technical investors make informed investment decisions, attend the Technical Investing session.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Theresa Molloy, Consultant
National Investor Relations Institute

James R. Margard, CFA, Principal, Chief Investment Officer, Director of Equity Management
Rainier Investment Management, Inc.

Daniel Niles, Chief Investment Officer
AlphaOne Capital Partners

Derek Taner, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Invesco Advisors, Inc.

Leslie Tubbs, CFA, CIC, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager
Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC
    Learning Objectives:
  • Understand definitions of investment approaches, including top down and bottom up. Review the investment process within the firm. Is stock selection conducted by a committee or does the portfolio manager operate independently?
  • Learn about the new duration of a short term and long-term investment. Explore how portfolio managers manage investment risk.
  • Explain the qualitative and quantitative elements of the investment decision.
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

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