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Why Now?
Organizational initiatives without the support of the CEO often fail. Investors, employees, and other stakeholders are demanding that the CEO take an active role in all areas of the business from diversity, to strategic initiatives, to public affairs, and corporate governance

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FTI: CEO Communications - The New Demands of the CEO*
Tue - Jun, 5 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: 6C (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Lunch and Learn | Secondary Category: Communications

Today more than ever investors, employees and stakeholders are demanding more from the CEO. Please join us for an interactive roundtable discussion around FTI Consulting's recently published investor research that indicates how CEOs need to message to the investment community, policy makers, and employees. With shorter CEO tenures and the growing voice of stakeholders, this session will address how the investor relations office can drive an integrated communications strategy to reach the expanded stakeholder audience by aligning the key message to enhance and protect a company's enterprise value and share price.

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Chris Kettmann, Managing Director, Capital Markets
FTI Consulting

Bryan Armstrong, Managing Director, Strategy Consulting and Research Leader
FTI Consulting
    Learning Objectives:
  • The critical messages and activities that investors are demanding from the CEO
  • How the investor relations office should be interfacing with the other communications offices within their organization (i.e. government affairs, internal communications, corporate communications, etc)
  • Understand the investors are evaluating the CEO through the entire lifecycle of their tenure
  • Understand how CEO communications are influencing investors buying decisions
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

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