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Getting Your Show on the Road*
Sun - Jun, 3 | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: 6C (Convention Center Level 6)
Category: Conference Workshop | Secondary Category: IR Marketing/Outreach

New to IR? Seasoned but want to learn more about roadshows outside of the US? If so, plan to attend this workshop, where you'll learn the basics and more about getting your management team out in front of the Street both in and outside of the US. Join us to delve into the different models you can use, how to work with the sell-side for sell-side sponsored roadshows, how to set up independent roadshows and ways to measure your roadshow's success -- not to mention the different agendas of all parties involved!

Complement this deep-dive into getting your show on the road with the session "Data Driven Targeting" on June 5 at 1:45pm

Moderator/Lead Speaker:
Arzu Cevik, Director & Editor of IRHub
Thomson Reuters

Elizabeth Allen, CFA, Manager, Investor Relations
FedEx Corporation

Doug Fox, Vice President, Investor Relations & Treasurer
Zebra Technologies

Nancy Hobor, Lecturer, Integrated Marketing Communications
Northwestern University

Tim Human, Web Editor
CrossBorder Group/IR Magazine

Coleman N Lannum, CFA, Vice President, Investor Relations
Covidien, Plc
    Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the basics of setting up and effectively managing non-deal roadshows in the US, including various models of roadshows and key firms by geographic area
  • Learn how best to manage non-deal roadshows outside the US; in Europe, Asia and explore the possibilities of visiting Latin America
  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your roadshow and learn what types of service providers and technologies are out there to support roadshows
  • Learn the differing agendas and objectives of the sell-side and buy-side relative to roadshows and how you can manage these effectively
* Draft description as of 6/28 3:51 pm, subject to change

Contact Tammy Dang ( with session inquiries.